Terrible: Beware the Dangers For Women Will This New Disease

Beware the Dangers For Women Will This New Disease

For the woman at the beg you to be alert !!!!! please help ya share this Photo.Please distributed entirely to acquaintances, friends, relatives, neighbors and e-mails that you have, specials for women. Bra Wash and Wear-useful life of your new purchase, while before use. Some people who do it, also as a warning to who did it.

We do not know what parasites exist in the clothes when we bought it. Oh, my God.Disgusting.
Send all these women !!! Wash your new pakainyan while before you use !! Make it a routine from the start this time to clean up your new clothes before wearing his moment, Main It !!!

Sesudah Susan McKinley (Antropologis) pulang sesudah ekspedisi di Amerika-Selatan, dia mengerti ada ruam aneh di payudara samping kirinya, tak ada yang tahu apa itu, serta dia pikir ruam itu bakal hilang seiring berjalannya waktu. After Susan McKinley (Anthropological) home after an expedition in South-America, he understood there was a strange rash on her left breast side, nobody knew what it was, and he thought that the rash will disappear over time.

After he returned, he met the doctor because he had begun pain. Doctors do not know what disease in his suffering, the doctor prescribed antibiotics and cream special. After intermittent pain was gone bust hotter and started to bleed. He took the decision to bind the bleeding was, how well the pain grew older, he began to seek Dokter2 best.
Dr. Lynch could not diagnose an infection that lasts and asked Susan to seek peer experts in Dermatology section.

At that time the doctor the leisure center. Susan waited all of two weeks and could eventually met Dermatologist it. Susan surprised, when he opened his bandages, they found larva growing and lodged in the pores as well as in wound breast, occasional creature this evil into the pores and visible in the side holes, which he did not understand that the hole is deeper than he thought. The larvae eat the fat, the skin layer and canals that breast ...
Hopefully this article useful and make us more careful in order tehindar from the harmful disease.

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